Shakumbari Devi Mandir Saharanpur

Shakambari Devi temple is considered one of the main Shakti Pitho. Here the head of the Goddess Sati, fell on this place. The main statue in this temple is of the goddess Shakambari Devi, or the goddess Bhramari Devi in the left direction and the statue of Satakshi Devi towards the right direction are located. People also refer to Goddess Satakshi as Mother Sheetla. Worshippers of Shakambari Devi believe that they never experience a shortage of vegetable curry in their households.

Shakumbari Devi - Photostic Enthusiast
Shakumbari Devi – Photostic Enthusiast

Before visiting the Shakambari Devi temple, people believe in visiting Baba Bhura Dev Ji. Some stories associated with it narrate the ongoing war between gods and demons, where demons like Shumbh, Nishumbh, and Mahishasur were battling against the gods. Faced with this adversity, the gods took refuge in the Shivalik hills. When the situation became dire, Shri Narada Muni sought help from Goddess Mother on behalf of all the gods.

In the meantime, Bhura Dev came in the mother’s shelter with his 5 companions and asked for the command to fight with the demon. Goddess Mother blessed Baba Bhuraji and allowed him to go to war. The war started, on the part of the monsters, a mighty warrior named Raktveer, whose blood drops on the ground, another demon became equal to him. Shakambari Devi Mother took a formidable look and ran her own cycle and killed all the demons. Mata Kali used to cut the blood of her blood from her weapon and drink his blood, which caused no new harm.

Bhura Dev ji- Shakumbari Devi - Photostic Enthusiast
Bhura Dev ji- Shakumbari Devi – Photostic Enthusiast

Nishumbha killed Bhura Dev’s support pole, causing the goddess to fall. After the war, the Goddess offered Bhura Dev a boon. He asked to always remain at the Goddess’s feet and serve her. The Goddess granted his wish and declared that anyone visiting her must first see Bhura Dev to fulfill her vision.

Shakambari Devi is one of the incarnations of Durga Devi, in all the incarnations of Durga DeviRakhtdantita, Bhima,  Brahmari and Satakshi and Shakambari Devi are famous. According to the mythology of Mother Shakambari, at a time when a demon named Durgam created an atmosphere of horror, for almost 100 days, due to lack of rain there was drought in the influence of food, which led to the death of people, the end of life Was there.

The demon, blessed with knowledge of the four Vedas by Brahma ji, faced the wrath of Shakti Mata Durga in her form as Mother Shakumbari. With thousands of eyes, she shed tears, causing a flood on Earth. Ultimately, Shakambari Devi defeated the invincible demon. Another tale recounts Shakambari Devi’s 100-year penance, broken only by a vegetarian meal at month’s end. She returned to her barren place of meditation, devoid of water.

This implies that the mother only accepts vegetarian food, and since this incident, Mother’s name is Shakambari Devi. Mother Shakambari has three power centers across the country.

  • First Major Temple– In Sikar District of Rajasthan , It is situated in the name of Sakraye Near Udaipur Vaatika.
  • Second Major Temple– In Rajasthan, there is a situation called Shakambar name near Sambhar district.
  • Third Major Temple– Shambhumbari Devi temple is located at a distance of 15 kms from Kasba Behat, 42 kms away from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Arun pleased Brahma ji with rigorous penance, and Brahma granted him boons: immunity from death in war or by any weapon and protection from harm by animals. Arun also gained the power to conquer the Gods, all through his devotion.

After that Arun snatched heaven from Gods and took over him. All the deities got scared and reached to God Shankar ji. At the same time the sky declares that all the gods and goddess Mother worship God Bhagavati is able to kill this demon. Listening to the voice of the sky, all the goddesses of the great austerity of Mother Bhagwati were delighted as the Goddess appeared to all the gods. At that time, six feet of that Goddess were there, and all four were surrounded by bees, with their hands filled with bees.

Due to being surrounded by bees, Gods referred to them in the name of Brahmari Devi. God provided full comfort to the knowledgeable deities and ordered Arun to kill the bees. Within a moment, the whole mass of people filled with sobs. In a few moments, innumerable bees stuck with the powerful Arun’s body and started cutting it. Arun tried very hard but he did not escape from the attack of bees, after which he gave up his life.

In this way Goddess Bhagwati helped the Arun demon, in the form of a Brahmari goddess, to get the Gods back to heaven.

Due to the fury of the drought, when the devotees prayed to Goddess, troubled by the drought and famine, the Goddess appeared in such incarnations, which had thousands of eyes. Seeing his devotee in distress, thousands of eyes started to start tears for continuously 9 days. The dryness of the earth and the problems of drought got cleared, bringing a smile to the face of all devotees.

This goddess became famous as Satakshi. And this Goddess has pleased to reveal many types of herbs, vegetables, fruits and vegetation with their parts. For this reason, people know her as Mata Shakumbari, who is famous. Those who are absent on Shakambari Navratri receive food, and donations of clothes are made.

A Bhandara is organized during Shakambari Navaratri, where all devotees who come to the temple receive Prasad in the form of food.

In the Saharanpur district of the state of Uttar Pradesh, there is a temple of Shakti Peeth Mata Shakambari Devi. Shakambari Devi Mata is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Durga Devi. It is believed that the goddess Sati’s glass was dropped here. On the right side of the temple statue, Bhima Devi and Bhramari Devi and the Satakshi Devi are situated on the left; Satakshi Devi is also referred to as Sheetla Devi.

Navaratri and Durga are held here on Ashtami, where thousands of devotees are engaged.

Time to open and close the temple: from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This power back position is on the property of the Rana family, the family of Jasmoar. And all the money donated in this temple also goes to the Rana family.

Entry Gate- Shakumbari Devi - Photostic Enthusiast
Entry Gate- Shakumbari Devi – Photostic Enthusiast

After visiting the Shakambari Devi temple, there are many Dharmshala where the Bhandara or grains are donated. Whom the devotees eat as a feast. Many food pandals have also been made where good dish is also served. And the market there is very dazzling.

The walnuts are very famous here; they are so amazing to see the walnut pandals in the market, that all get attracted towards them. Knowing the nut as a gift of Goddess or goddess, people take nut from there.

Walnut- Shakumbari Devi - Photostic Enthusiast
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